About Us

What Is AffordableSalamanca?

In 2011, my fiancé and I decided to do whatever it took to live abroad. After researching the ideal city*, we used the last of our savings to buy our tickets to Europe. We sold everything that we had: Our cars, clothes, pots/pans, etc.. and we packed and moved abroad with $2500 in our pocket. We had no idea what this would cover. We were budget conscious and eager to make this work out – for the entire duration of our VISA. In fact, we were mentally prepared to sleep in subways if we had to. Luckily, $2500 covered our rent, groceries, travels and entertainment for the both of us for the span of 3+ months.

We built this site in 2011 to record our research and experience. The goal of our research was to find the most affordable way to live in Salamanca as possible. This meant, the cheapest bedding, the cheapest groceries, the cheapest rent, the cheapest bars, etc.. We’ve expanded this site to be a community site, with hopes of allowing our readers to provide their own findings. Especially as prices change and stores open and close.

While researching the city of Salamanca, we were unable to find very much information on Salamanca. The only photos we could find were pictures of the Plaza Mayor. And although the Plaza is beautiful, it hardly gave us any indication on what it was like to live in this city.

In addition to sharing details on the most affordable ways to live in Salamanca, we also wanted to post pictures of the city, urban legends and things to do.

It is our mission to share as much information about the beautiful city of Salamanca as possible. In order to have well rounded viewpoints, we encourage posting comments, healthy debating, sharing photos, contributing personal stories to the site, ideas, opinions, polls, etc.

With that said, we hope to soon be able to post interviews and guest articles from Salamanca natives and visitors alike. In the meantime, We’ll keep you posted on our social media pages.

Why Salamanca?

We knew we wanted to go to Europe because it was our first time living abroad together and we wanted a smooth transition. We consulted with a French friend of mine who has spent time living in France, Italy, Spain and South America. I never imagined I’d have much interest in Spain, let alone living in it. But she explained the life of a Spaniard, the VISA process in comparison to France, the value of the language in comparison to Italy, the cost of living … everything. She lived a year in a very beautiful town called Salamanca. Salamanca the center of Castilian Spanish. Once she sent us a few links for finding apartments, everything was history.