Cheap items for your Salamanca apartment

Cheap items for your Salamanca apartment

4839532Most of these stores are called ‘bazaars.’ These Asian stores are the closest thing to a dollar store and they can be found throughout the city. You can find most anything here really cheap: school supplies, towels, kitchenware, light bulbs, toiletries, bedding, shoes or even clothes. The ‘bazaars’ are an affordable alternative for just about anything you need. If you are on a tight budget, we highly recommend you shop here before you go to the malls or grocery stores to buy things for your new apartment.

We got a lot of our kitchen stuff here. Our garlic press did break all of the time, so you do get what you pay for. Since we were only going to be in Salamanca for a few months it wasn’t worth buying a lot of nice kitchenware because we’d leave most of it behind. The shop owners will either walk with you down the aisle, or stand at the end of each aisle watching you to make sure you don’t steal. Just lick your lips a lot and drool when you look at things (2014 update: They don’t seem to follow you around the store anymore).

What you can’t find in the bazaars, head to the Corte Inglés or Carre Four. These places are also a one-stop shop. They aren’t going to be as cheap as the Bazaars so you can expect better quality.

There are tons of shops outside of the Plaza that have liquidation sales on all kinds of things that you’d buy for your apartment. So take a walk around Salamanca, outside of the Plaza area because you may find better deals than what you’d find at Corte Ingles and Carre Four. This most recent trip, Kyle and I found a store that specialized in bedding. The store was having a liquidation sale and everything in the store was 65% off. If I could change one thing about our purchase here, I would have spent the 10$ more to get a blanket that didn’t have material that shaded because now we have pieces of our dumb blanket all over us all the time.

Anyway, we’ve seen liquidation shops on kitchen stores, appliances stores, bathroom stores, furniture stores, mattress stores, etc.. So really, there’s a lot of cheap options even before you go into Corte Ingles to get cheap items for you Salamanca apartment.