Find an apartment in Salamanca

Find an apartment in Salamanca

apartmentsSince Salamanca is Spain’s university town, there are plenty of options for cheap apartments. Kyle and I found an apartment in Salamanca,  for 290€ per month which included all utilities, furniture and internet. This price was considered expensive amongst our friends, but the apartment that we found had two beds. This was nice for any friends of ours that came to visit from the states.

There are generally no contracts or leases for renting apartments in Salamanca, so just in case your situation goes sour, you can leave; just give your landlord notice. We have had some managers have us sign a contract stating you won’t remodel, etcetera, but they don’t collect very much information. It’s essentially an understanding that you won’t destroy the place.

There are apartments much cheaper than 290€ especially if you are moving to Salamanca as a single person. Generally speaking, renting a room in most of Spain is very affordable. You can usually find a room from around 100€ per month and up.

When you go to see the landlord and move into your apartment in Salamanca, make sure you have cash in hand for the deposit, in addition to the rent. We are putting aside around 400 euros this next round, but it’s highly unlikely we’ll spend that much on a deposit. The deposit is usually the cost of one month’s rent.

What we’ve done in the past, is looked around at apartments and then once we found one that we liked, we told the landlord we needed to get the cash from the ATM. Depending on how much your deposit and rent is, don’t forget to ask your bank what your cash withdrawal limit is (convert that dollar amount to Euros). If your withdrawal is too large, you may have to go to the ATM on two different days to get the cash you need out of the ATM.

By the way, there are ATMs everywhere in Salamanca, so we were fine to get cash whenever. Beware of steep ATM fees. See this article on ATM fees and spending abroad tips.

I do want to let you know that the prices mentioned above are prices for shared apartments. Kyle and I really wanted to meet as many people as possible and travel as much as possible, so for us sharing apartments and having roommates was the ideal way to go. The rooms, from our experience, are far enough apart that you hardly noticed your roommates. Everyone’s schedule was so different too. It felt more like a studio apartment within an apartment.

You can get a studio apartment and/or a one-bedroom apartment from around €280 and up.

Once you’re settled, here’s a list of where to find cheap items for your apartment in Salamanca.

Here’s a list of sites that you can use to find an apartment in Salamanca: (Spain’s version of Craigslist) (I like this site)

University’s student accommodation (This is where we’ve found our first apartment in Salamanca. No photos of the apartment though)


Here are spanish phrases to look out for:

Amueblado: Furnished

Compartido: Shared

Habitaciones or Nº hab.: Is how many rooms in the apartment, or how many rooms available

Todos los gastos incluidos: Utilities included

Calefacción: Heating

Las zonas comunes: Common area

Reformado: Renovated

Ascensor: Elevator

Mascotas: Pets


Areas or streets that are good to live on in Salamanca:

Calle Van Dyck: Just north of the old city. This neighborhood is known to have a lot of quality tapas bars on it

Old city: Close to all the sights and other places you will most frequent. A bit more pricey than the rest of the city though