Where to buy cheap produce in Salamanca

Where to buy cheap produce in Salamanca

cheap fruits in salamanca

cheap fruits in salamanca

You can buy cheap fruit and vegetables at the grocery stores, but you can get them even cheaper at Los Cisnes or at any of the open door shops that you see specialize in fruits and vegetables only. Everything they sell is fresh and delicious. Where a bushel of bananas might cost €2 per kilo at Arbol, they would cost only .89 cents at Los Cisnes.

The process is pretty easy; just tell them what you want, they’ll weigh it out, ask if you want anything else and you pay accordingly. From what we’ve found, you can’t buy less than a half kilogram, some items even have a one kilo minimum, and you have to learn how to place orders in Spanish. We have translations at the bottom of the page.

If you do buy fruits and vegetables at the grocery stores. Don’t forget to check and see if you need to have a sticker on the items before you take them to the cashier.

How to print a ticker for fruits and veggies:

1. Once you’ve grabbed your fruits and vegetables, look to weigh them, usually there’s a video monitor with pictures.

2. Select the picture of what you’re purchasing. If it doesn’t have a monitor, there should be a code for what you’re purchasing from wherever you grabbed the produce from.

3. Enter in the code to weigh the product, which will be weighed out in kilograms.

4. Push the number again and it will print out a sticker.

5. Place the sticker on your produce bag and the cashier will use this to scan the item.


Here are some helpful fruit translations if you’re going to the fruit market, where you have to request the fruit you want:

Apple: Manzana

Asparagus: Espárrago

Banana: Plátano

Broccoli: Brécol

Carrot: Zanahoria

Cauliflower: Coliflor

Cherries: Cerezas

Cucumber: Pepino

Garlic: Ajo

Grapes: Uvas

Peach: Melocotón

Pepper: Pimiento

Lemon: Limón

Lettuce: Lechuga

Mushroom: Champiñon

Orange: Naranja

Potato: Patata

Strawberries: Fresas

Tomato: Tomates