Three Kings Day Sales

Three Kings Day Sales

The second season of large sales in Spain start the day after Three Kings Day, usually around January 7th (twelve days after Christmas) and lasts until the first of March. During the Three Kings Day sales in Salamanca we’ve seen discounts go as high up as 75% off store items. In nearly every retail window you’ll see “Rebajas” signs posted.

When Kyle and I made our first trip out to Salamanca, we luckily arrived just when the Three Kings Day sales in Spain had just started. This made for perfect timing to get all of our apartment needs: pots, pans, bedding and winter shoes. I bought really comfy, cute black boots for only $25, which was one of the best purchases I ever made because I wore those things all the time until they finally fell apart on me years later.

It seems that the discounted prices for some stores tend to fluctuate during this sales season starting from 20% and increasing from there. Unfortunately we haven’t been in Spain long enough to learn the mechanics of when to catch a good sale for each store but we know that every retail shop suddenly becomes extremely more affordable than normal.

One site that we’ve stumbled across,, says that Zara’s Three Kings’ Day’ sales end at the end of January while other’s stores start to increase the discounts in February.  The writer of this site also suggests to get all of your good shopping done right away because you start to be limited in the sizes of clothes and shoes that the stores have left over as the pickings thin. This Malaga article is a good read because they detail a few tips on return policy and other expectations with the the 3 Kings Day sales, so if you get a chance to skim it, you definitely should. posted an article about the history of Three Kings Day and traditions that come with it. Their article explains that there’re three stages to Christmas celebration in Spain and Three Kings Day is the finale of the celebration. It’s January 5th, the eve of 3 Kings Day, that their version of Santa comes to deliver the children their holiday gifts.