Fashion in Spain 2014

Fashion in Spain 2014

Clothes in Europe are not much different from the U.S., except no one really wears sweat pants out. You can get by with just a t-shirt and jeans. If you’re a girl, you might stick out like an American, but it really doesn’t matter. Sometimes I play the guess who’s American game as I walk the streets of Salamanca – and i’m wrong a lot of the time.


Women fashion:

From what I’ve seen, I feel like there are different sects of European fashion. French and Italian women are very fashionable, even in casual wear. Their hair is beautifully tousled up, or tousled down.  Layers, scarves, skirts with leggings and nice shoes. Germans, Swedes and Dutch dress somewhat similarly – more casual, skinny jeans, leather jacket, boots or converse and scarves.

Fashion in Spain 2014:

Spaniards. Our French friend says that she can usually pick out a Spaniard from a crowd. Apparently they have their own style. The group of Spaniards she pointed out in France had a very emo-ish fashion. Tight pants, bright shoes and unique hair. By unique hair, for example, we see a lot of Spanish girls here in Salamanca that have one side of their hair shaved. I have noticed the bright here shoes too.

But generally speaking, European fashion in Spain during this summer so far has been:

– flowy skirts with shirts tucked in and wedge heeled shoes
– shorts (sometimes leggins underneath and sometimes not)
– tight jeans
– sheer shirts everywhere
– summer dresses with wedged heels (dresses sometimes have a large belt)

We’ll get as many pictures as we can of all of these and more. I do want to let you know that this is the majority of what we’ve seen in Salamanca, where foreign student exchange is high. So it doesn’t necessarily mean that the above is “Spanish” fashion, but it does mean that enough people where it around, it doesn’t matter.

Ladies, if you’re considering what to pack:

I would just throw a scarf or so in your luggage and some leggings (if you’re female). I would say that scarves and leggings are pretty European. Kyle is not into scarves and by the time we left Europe he ended up wearing a scarf.

When it comes to packing really smart try thinking of outfits that you have that can be reused into several different outfits. The best example is the image posted here on this fashionista’s website. She was able to take one dress and stretch it into seven different outfits. With stockings, scarves and a nice jacket and boots, you can reuse it from season to season.


Men Fashion

– polos
– short sleeve button downs
– dress shirts, sleeves rolled up (sometimes)
– tshirt and jeans


We’ll be sure to post photos.