My favorite Spanish songs

My favorite Spanish songs

Listening to songs in Spanish is a good way to learn some new words, or just to listen to for fun. They say that it helps you improve and perfect your Spanish accent. These are my favorite songs to listen to in Spanish.  A Spanish music YouTube playlist is also below for you to enjoy.


1. Gaby Moreno has a lot of great Spanish music that ranges is different styles. Diverse styles is quite an understatement. Her styles range from blues, jazz, classical Spanish, french (sounding). She has great songs in English too (check out, “Sing Me Life”). My current favorite Spanish song of hers, called, “Qué Voy a Hacer” in the YouTube video below. It has a sweet electric guitar break in it. Moreno has many great Spanish songs on her album, “Postales.” Check out “Luz Y Sombra” to get an idea of one of her contrasting songs to the below. Oh! And if you get really into her, my other favorite Spanish song of hers is, “No Estoy Tan Mal.”  What an eclectic artist to listen to, all in one. Enjoy the below.

2.Si*se is a down-tempo, ambient, music artist and one of my favorites. She also has songs in English (check out, “Truth” or “More Shine”). One of my favorite Spanish songs of hers is a song called, “Mariposa en Havana.” She has two versions of this song, both are incredible. One is a little more uptempo and the other is super tranquilo. I’d strongly recommend both versions.


3. I just discovered that Jason Mraz has a few songs that he created for his Spanish fan base. I can only find two of them, one: Suerte and the other, La Nueva Belleza. Not sure if anyone knows if there’s more out there from him?