Great books about Salamanca Spain

Great books about Salamanca Spain

There aren’t many books about Salamanca, hence the creation of this site to provide information on what we couldn’t find before moving here. And especially as far as guides there’s not a whole lot that we could find. What we really wanted to find was any book that could give us a visual as to what a Salamanca experience looked like. So when I found a few travel essays and memoirs on Salamanca from people that had lived here, I had to read them.

I say, “them” but so far, I have only found one book about Salamanca, Spain (this is a calling for you writers out there, that the market is open on Salamanca). This book is called Kinky Gazpacho: Life, Love & Spain and I really loved it.

book, memoir, travel essay about living in salamanca This was a story about Lori Tharps’ personal experience studying abroad in Salamanca, Spain. Her very high expectations for her dream country and (from my perspective) her slow embrace to new things and acceptance of her own skin.

For me, the book was really enlightening in what you choose to perceive (and believe) and how you ultimately create your own experience. It’s a repeating pattern in her book to let her own fears down and embrace all that confronts her. The beautiful thing though is the love story on how she met her wonderful and supportive husband in Salamanca.

The book’s a good quick read, great for a flight. Amazon has a really great synopsis on the book if you want to read the details.

My favorite part of reading this book is looking for familiar bar names as she talked about her Salamancan experiences.


I would say that Salamanca (although it hasn’t changed much from the time that Lori wrote this) has changed as far as her mentions of dog poo everywhere. I’m very glad that this is no longer the case, very glad. Thank you Lori Tharp. We just want to show you all how cool we discovered Lori is (all the more reason to love her):