Blogs we found about living and studying in Salamanca

Blogs we found about living and studying in Salamanca

We know that we had a really hard time finding any information on Salamanca when we were making the decision to move here. We had the most difficult time finding information on what the culture and the vibe of the city was like.

We wanted to know everything we could to envision ourselves there as vividly as possible. We often read about student’s general experience here with meeting other students in Salamanca but not really any details that separated Salamanca distinctively from the other cities as a study abroad experience. We wanted to know what the city looked like and the only photos that we found where of the Plaza Mayor.

We hope to help our readers get a full scope of understanding. Whenever we stumble across any blog about Salamanca, we feel it is our responsibility to share it as much as possible. We really want to give others a well rounded viewpoint of what life is like to live and study in Salamanca. We snagged these up so let us know if your site is here and you’d like it to be removed, or let us know if your site isn’t here and you’d like us to share it. We’d be happy to share your experience with those looking to learn from you.


Study Abroad Blogs of Salamanca

Wandering Woman living in Salamanca