Packing for Spain in the summer

Packing for Spain in the summer

June 2014. We are back. I never wanted to go to Europe during a summer, and am usually very anti-europe during summer months, but eagerness got the best of me. Anyway. I didn’t know how to pack for this trip to Spain. Last time Kyle and I came here we packed way too much. This time, I packed about two carry-on worth of clothes for six months of stay and still packed too much. Trust me, I know – as you’re going through clothes and deciding what to pack it seems like it’s not enough.

Now that I’m here, I think i’ve only warn about 70% of what I packed (ratios not bad but should be better) or I should have packed lighter so that I could’ve carried less crap in hilly Portugal. I do want to tell you how important it is, to consider the fact that you are going to Spain. In other words, packing for Spain means taking into consideration all of the sales. There are sales every day and all of the stores (major stores like H&M included) rotate the sales  every week (I’ve been told by a Salamancan native, will make a full article on this eventually). Shoes are ridiculously priced here. Shoes are so cheap (and cute) that it was almost pointless to bring any shoes because I could have just bought them here. Men’s sneakers 19 euros. And that includes taxes and everything. Women’s ranging from 4.99 and up (19euros average).

I did discover today that there’s a whole business out there devoted to making travel clothes. The company is called Scottevest. I saw on TravelTips’ Google+ post that this company released a vest today that has pockets that can hold most all of your electronics and the special things that require extra security. This vest is primarily focused on protecting yourself from identity theft while traveling.

I want to say while we’re here that there are some things we regret not packing and some other things that we are really glad we packed.

The regrets that we have on packing so far is:

1. That I brought too light of sweaters, expecting extreme heat. I wish I brought just one thicker, hoody weight sweater. It did rain/hail today:

2. Also, why did I bring so many pencil skirts and tight mini skirts? I must’ve still been in work mode. BTW flowy skirts are the trend here. I feel like the mini skirt is more of a night outing.

3. Sheer shirts.

4. Kyle wishes that he brought more variety of clothing. He won’t elaborate at the moment so not very helpful.


In addition here are some things we are so very glad we packed

1. The freezer size ziploc bags

2. Summer dresses (could have used more in trade of jeans)

3. I’m glad I didn’t cut my long hair (not about packing, but wanted to say it anyway)

4. Kyle’s old iPhone (has come quite handy even without being activated yet)

5. Padlocks

6. Glad we brought a towel

7. The unfoldable, reusable  grocery bag
…This post will be updated as time goes…