Foods and places to absorb before you leave the US

Foods and places to absorb before you leave the US

For some reason when you know you are going back home, the main things on your list of to-dos is eat, eat, eat. Here are the list of places that we missed and craved and what we counted down to see for our return back to the states. So go get your fill before you depart. Feel free to let us know your own miss-list and tweet us, using the hash tag #MissList on what you’re getting your fill in on before you depart. In addition to our own personal cravings below, I stumbled upon this article online with a list of 15 foods that American’s love that foreigners hate. Some (if not most of these things) are also hard to find in Europe. So there’s some additional ideas on foods to absorb before leaving the US.

These are a list of foods we found difficult to find in Spain, especially Castilla-León.

1. Guacamole.
Avocados are very expensive, 3€-4 each.The guacamole packets in Salamanca aren’t really guacamole. It’s sludgy and according to the ingredients, contains only 2% avocados.

2014 update: We have been getting avocados at Mercadona for a decent price, about 40 cents to a euro each. We’ve also been getting pre-made guacamole dip containing 93% avocados for a few euros.

2. Cereal varieties.
For some reason we became big cereal eaters when we arrived in Spain. But the variety of cereals that exist in the US such as Cookie Crisp, Lucky Charms, Cocoa Puffs and Trix don’t exist there. It’s just a large aisle of different corn flake brands, and chocolate corn flakes. So you might want to get your fix of these funky cereals before you go. We did just find Golden Grahams at Carre Four.

3. Chipotle.
Get your chipotle fill. This is a restaurant that we missed while out there and craved all the time. According to my Wikipedia research, the Chipotle restaurants in London and Paris are the only two in Europe.

4. Mexican food.
We just assumed it’d be there. But we could not find one single Mexican restaurant in Spain. We even had a Mexican roommate at one point, he didn’t know of any either. If any of our readers know of one in Salamanca to enlighten us with, please do.

June 2014 update, we have now found three Mexican restaurants in Salamanca! They taste a little different but it’s as close as we’ll get. Also we just traveled to La Coruña, Galicia and found the best Mexican food i’ve ever eaten at a place called La Tamarindo. It’s incomparable to any Mexican food i’ve ever had.

5. Unique fast food stand – hangover cure. This is a new one for us – it didn’t exist before. In the past year we’ve been really into Wendys for random late night munchies. Just their nuggets. So whether your fast food go-to (or hangover cure) is In-N-Out Burger, Wendy’s, Sonic, Arby’s, Chik-fil-A, etc. Something that isn’t Burger King or Mcdonlads (because those two exist everywhere). Go fill up. You might miss it.

6. Smash Burger. Our favorite burger and shakes joint.
We just discovered this place this Christmas and are now obsessed. I always order the Chicken Avocado Club. Kyle gets the BBQ burger with onion crunchies on top. And we have to get either an Oreo or Nutter Butter shake. This is one place that we’ll miss while out there. Especially the shakes this summer.

7. Pho.
We missed eating pho while we were last living in Spain. We had Taiwanese roommates in Spain and they made us a Taiwanese meal called HotPot, they laughed at us realizing we were unintentionally attempting to use their soup to compensate for another. There are tons of chinese restaurants in Salamanca and we’ve seen one or two sushi/japanese restaurants but no Vietnamese, Korean or Filipino restaurants yet. We’ve heard that Malaga has a Filipino restaurant so we will be making a trip out that way.

8. Slurpees and Icees.
Drink these good iced, frozen drinks up before you get to Spain this summer. I have yet to find refreshing iced drinks like this. BUT to fill your iced drink cravings while in Spain, go to Valladolid. Best damn frozen drinks we’ve ever had.

9. Good food in general.
There aren’t very many good food places in Salamanca as a whole, after a while our taste buds adjusted. When we left Spain to go to Holland, we went wild. We loved all of the food in Holland. All of it. When we went to La Coruña, Galicia, Spain, every restaurant we happened to eat at was incredible. So maybe as you venture outside of Salamanca, the food gets better? Here are a list of some of the Salamanca restaurants we did like as well as some tapas bars we recommend eating at too. These are good — but I don’t think they stack up to the restaurants outside of the city. We definitely may be eating at the wrong spots here, so if anyone has recommendations, other than the amazing Alqumista, please let us know.


These are our own list of places to absorb before you leave the U.S. What’s yours?