The 23 Monuments of Salamanca: 13-23

The 23 Monuments of Salamanca: 13-23

These are numbers 13-23 of the 23 monuments of Salamanca. You can find the Salamanca monuments 1-12 in our article titled, “The 23 Monuments of Salamanca: 1-12.” All of these monuments are listed in the same order of the monuments as they are numbered in the Salamanca tourism map. This is the same map provided by the tourism office in the Plaza Mayor. Some of the information on the monuments were pulled from the free online audio guide provided to us by the Salamanca tourism office in english.

13. Edeficio Histórico de la Universidad
The Historical building of the University of Salamanca is one of Salamanca’s most famous sites, alongside the beautiful Plaza Mayor. Despite the University of Salamanca being so famous, it was once reached a point of nearly getting shut-down. This beautiful building contains many legends that can found in it’s intricate carvings.

Monument 13 University of Salamanca







14. Casa de las Conchas
373 shells are placed all over the wall as a symbol of love for the builder’s wife. I believe our tour guide said that the shells signified money and therefore the placement of the shells was a symbol of wealth. Milady’s blog says that the legends also say that gold and jewels are hidden underneath one of the shells.

monuments of salamanca: Casa de las Conchas









15 and 16. Torres de la Clerecía and Iglesia de la Clerecía
This was a great tour, beautiful. In this tour, which is free on Tuesdays, they let you walk up to the top of the towers and overlook the city of Salamanca that sits right next to the Casa de Las Conchas.


17. Universidad Pontificia
Not a whole lot of information about the Pontificia University of Salamanca, except that it’s easily confused as part of the University of Salamanca but it’s not. It’s a private catholic university.


18. Iglesia de la Purisima
If you are in Salamanca during the first weeks of September for the Feria, here you’ll find some really great tapas. Burritos made out of crepes with meat and potatoes and syrup drizzled over the top. Delicious. I didn’t learn a whole lot about the church itself but as you pass this place, you’re nearly guaranteed to find the street performer with his harmonica and tambourine.

monuments of salamanca:











19. Palacio de Monterrey
One of the few buildings remaining with Plateresque architecture.


20. Colegio del Arzobispo Fonseca
The College of Fonseca has a beautiful front entrance. Once inside the building immediately opens up into a large courtyard. The building is used to hosts shows, including touring flamenco shows.

Monuments of Salamanca: Fonseca








21. Palacio de Figueroa

Admission to see the palace is free and primarily functions as Salamanca’s main casino. It is also popularly used for weddings. The building itself has very elaborate decoration on the inside and the outside. You can see the facade on Zamora and Concejo street.


22. Palacio de Maldonado
Maldonado Palace currently houses Brazillian studies for the University of Salamanca.


23. Escultura Lazarillo de Tormes y Verraco
This bull statue (or boar) is found right at the start of the Roman bridge in Salamanca. It is featured in several works of fiction. It is said to be Celtic Iberian, erected from the Pre-Roman period.

Monuments of Salamanca Spain: boar