The 23 Monuments of Salamanca: 1-12

The 23 Monuments of Salamanca: 1-12

These 23 Monuments of Salamanca are written in order of the monuments as they are listed in the Salamanca tourism map provided by the Salamanca Tourism office in the Plaza Mayor. Here are numbers 1-12 of the 23 monuments of Salamanca, monuments 13-23 are detailed on a separate page. Some of the information on the monuments were pulled directly from the Salamanca tourism audio guide (in english). In the audio, you can listen to the monuments they’ve listed out individually.

1. The Plaza Mayor
Probably one of the most addicting site to photograph, even 1,000 photos are never enough. The Plaza Mayor is listed as the number one monument of Salamanca. Each wall containing faces of kings, writers, philosophers and several other notable Spaniards. The plaza itself hosts several restaurants, ice cream shops, hostels, the mayor’s office and the Salamanca tourism office.

1 of 23 monuments of Salamanca: Plaza Mayor

2. Torre del Aire
There isn’t much of a story that I can find on this monument even in the audio guide provided (if anyone can elaborate on this monument please let us know). From what I can find, this building used to have four towers and were created as defensive towers during a time when there was noble feud. At some point the other three towers were either demolished or eroded, leaving just the one tower. This according to a translated wikipedia page, so not sure how reliable this is.

3. Iglesia de Sancti Spiritus

4. Palacia de la Salina
The former use of the building was to store salt. It is now currently used to house government offices and concerts. Legend says that an archbishop originally built the palace for a girlfriend. It is said that the men of the city refused to welcome her to the city because she was the archbishop’s concubine. And as a result of humiliation, the archbishop built the palace for his unwelcome girlfriend. The monstrous faces at the bottom level are said to be family members who refused to welcome her, so that when they walked the palace they could step on their faces. coming soon..

5. Torre del Clavero
Little information found. It is currently used as a hotel and hosts government offices and art exhibitions, in addition to a pharmaceutical exhibition.

6. Colegio De Calatrava
Little info found…

7. Convento Iglesia de San Esteban
..coming soon..

8. Colegio de Anaya o de San Bartolomé
Built to give housing to selective students, it used to be one of the most important schools of Salamanca. It is now home to

9-11. Catedral Nueva, Catedral Vieja and the medieval towers of the cathedrals
The new and old church are built together due to growing requests for renovations and growth. During the Lisbon earthquake of the 1700s, Salamantinos sheltered themselves inside the cathedral, fearing the end. The cylinder dome fell from 18meters high. The earthquake caused the west tower bells to ring. In celebration, during All Saints day, a person will climb to the tower and ring the bell as a thanks to God. During later renovations, an architect incorporated modern pieces of work into the carvings. One of which include an astronaut.

12. Puente Romano
Nearing this bridge you’ll find a bike rental area and a skateboard area. The grass outside of the bridge you’ll see joggers, sometimes a horse and people strolling along the rive (or bridge) for a walk. You can also see a park containing a soccer field and/or a basketball field.