Salamanca nightlife & Erasmus bars

Salamanca nightlife & Erasmus bars

2717403Salamanca nightlife starts at midnight – and for most Spaniards even later because for some families dinner is at midnight. You’ll see some of the families in the Plaza Mayor going for a late midnight walk with their kids and stopping to get ice cream.

At every corner you’ll run into two or three promoters convincing you to go to their bar. Really nearly every corner. But sometimes they offer you passes for free drinks. While Kyle and I were there, there were a lot of places that hosted Beer Pong nights on Mondays.

Alcohol is extremely cheap is Salamanca, even in Spain for that matter. A cup of Mahao, a light lager such as Budweiser, or glass of sangria will cost you 1€ at the average bar like Gatsby. Dance clubs like Camelot or Cubic are a little bit more pricey, 2€-4 or something like that. Deals are not hard to find, there are certain places that offer 10 shots of tequila for 5€.

Every night is a party night in Salamanca, you might have guessed that because it’s a college town. Irish Rover had international night Tuesdays, pay 5€ at the door and drink all of the sangria and Heineken your tolerance permits. The popularity of this promotion makes you wait in line outside for a while and it’s shoulder-to-shoulder inside. Because everyone is trying to get a bottomless refill at the same time, you probably can’t drink as much as you anticipate. Nevertheless, a deal’s a deal.


Information from this post is from 2011 and will be updated with more photos in 2014


2014 Update. The Irish Rover has been shut down as a bar and is now used as a restaurant and theater. Most of the bars listed above are known as Erasmus bars or student bars for foreigners. The main Erasmus bars in Salamanca are Gatsby, Camelot and the Irish bar down one of the walkways of the Plaza Mayor. We haven’t been going to the Erasmus bars this trip but we’ve heard that there is a lot more monitoring there by police. Kyle and I have baby faces and we never got asked for identification while we were at any of these places before but according to one of our friends they get IDed frequently and they said that the police wait outside of the club. It it quite possible that it’s a summer thing and it’ll calm back down in the fall?

We’ve also seen flyers for wet t-shirt contests at some of the bars.


At night in the Plaza Mayor you can often find entertainment such as the Flamenco street performer and bands below.