Language School

Language School

For the first week or so while Kyle and I were in Salamanca, we were pretty entertained with the sites, or what we could find on our own. We quickly learned that our Spanish wasn’t up to par to where we needed to be and our opportunities for conversation were rather slim and very brief.

Kyle was the mastermind behind looking into language schools. Once we looked into them we found that there were a lot more benefits to going to a language school than just speeding up our language competence. The schools offered culture courses, conversational discourses, they show movies in Spanish, cooking and dancing classes, organized sports, city tours… and the best part was that we learned where to get tapas and what bars to go to. Certain schools had discounts for their students at specific bars, which was a great bonus.

It’s because of language school that living in Salamanca added so much value to or Salamanca experience. We were able to meet with people from several other countries and our international network grew exponentially.

Kyle and I spent a whole day going to almost every language school in Salamanca to find one that we liked. I remember needing to narrow down between two at one point. Our last langue school that we went to was Colegio Delibes, there was a guy that worked there (and now I have no idea what his role was at that school) that gave us a personal tour and introduced us to some awesome Dutch, German and Chinese students. These guys all happened to hit it off with Kyle. It was an instant decision once we went to Colegio that this was the school for us.

We enrolled and started that next Monday.

Once Kyle was in, about a week or two into his class, he realized that he was a little behind his class and asked to be moved to the level below, which was not a problem. I think he understood the way to structure the sentences but did not know most of the vocabulary being used.

This is probably normal with taking language courses in the States. You learn the theory and not enough of the application.

Oh! Speaking of, we also were able to pick up on some Spain specific colloquial terms which you can learn about in our Spain terms blog.