Best lunch deal of Salamanca

When we went to Seville the hostel tour guide there showed us 100 Montaditos. It’s amazing. 100 different kinds of mini sandwiches as well as salads and beer. On Wednesdays and Sundays, every sandwich and beer cost 1€ each. They are always running some kind of special.

Originally when we wrote this post in 2011 we could not find a location in Salamanca anywhere. Google said there was one by our house but it wasn’t there, Google lied. We even wrote a special blog about making a scavenger hunt for 100 Montaditos as a special trip whenever you travel to other cities in Spain.

Then in 2014 we connected with them on Twitter and found out that there are now two locations in Salamanca, and we are now counting down for our chance to eat these little sandwiches. They also informed AffordableSalamanca.com via twitter that they are running a Monday special: 2 for 1.


2014 update: They have 1euro everything on Sundays and Wednesdays. Those are our days to go there. We almost always go on these days. There are a few things they serve that are not on their menu item. Two of them are the chicken items. So if you’re not in the mood for a dito or a salad, they also serve barbecue wings and boneless wings. I’ve tried the barbecue ones and they are really good, I think enough for you to fill up on in itself. I haven’t tried the boneless ones yet, not sure what flavor they are but something I need to try at some point.

Usually Kyle and I order 3 sandwiches each and a plate of fries. The goal is about 9 euros (includes two tall beers) and surprisingly, this is enough to fill us up. A 9 euro lunch for two people is an amazing deal!

The Menu is in Spanish but on their website they have a photo of each little sandwich.

Here are a few of the Spanish menu translations from Spanish to English:

Aceite de olive  -Olive oil
Ajo  -Garlic
Ali oli  -Aioli sauce (Kind of a garlic mayo sauce)
Anchoas  -Anchovies
Atún  -Tuna
Cebolla (crujiente)  – Onion (crispy-fried)
Cerdo  -Pork
Chistorra  -Basque sausage
Chorizo ala parrilla  -Grilled chorizo
Gambas  -Shrimp
Jamón (serrano)  -Ham (thin sliced)
Lacón  -Galicia white ham
Lechuga  -Lettuce
Lomo al ajillo  -garlic tenderloin
Mostaza (Salsa de mostaza y miel)   -Mustard (honey mustard)
Paté  -Ground meat paste
Pimienta (verde, rojo)  -Pepper (green, red)
Pollo  -Chicken
Queso iberico  -Spanish cheese: cow+goat+sheep
Queso de cabra  -Goat’s milk cheese
Tortilla de patatas  -Potato omelette


Usually I almost always get the same sandwich orders. #47, #54 and #89. These montadito orders contain the following, respectively:

47. Chicken, crispy bacon and salsa brava. The Salsa brava is this delicious spicy yellow sauce.
54. Chicken, chorizo and aioli sauce.
89. Chicken, cream cheese and honey mustard

But today, I am going to try something different, not sure which ones yet but i’ll let you know how they taste. Kyle usually orders salmon with cream cheese or sandwiches with brie in it. There are so many varieties to choose from but hopefully the photo menu provided by the 100 Montadito site will help along with the translation of the menu item provided here. Once you get to the restaurant there’s a menu on every table that you can peer through as you make your decision. And when you’re ready to put your order in at Montaditos, here’s the step by step process…

Process for ordering at 100Montaditos.

June 2014

1 Look for the menu notepad and pencil near the counter.

2  Go through the menu and pick out what you want to order. The menu is in Spanish but we’ve provided some key terms below or you can print the cheat card we made on the site. It’s easy to overdo the ordering because there are so many sandwich options to choose from, including dessert sandwiches. But usually when we order fries or chips with our order, surprisingly 3 of these little sandwiches surprisingly fill us up.

3 They will call your name when it’s ready. You show them your receipt. Make sure you have everything.

I have some days where I don’t feel like attempting Spanish, which is why I like to eat at Montaditos for those days because I just write my order on paper and give it to the cashier. You can also order the food to-go and take it home to eat if you’re in a rush. Just let the cashier know that you want the food “para llevar.”