Best tapas bars of Salamanca

Best tapas bars of Salamanca

In Salamanca, tapas are sometimes free when you order drinks. Look for the ‘pincho y caña’ menu. In addition to the restaurants we have listed out below, this is an article I found online called, ‘Salamanca, one tapa at a time.’ It is a great little read on someone’s first hand experience in Salamanca’ tapas hopping.

Below we have listed a few of our favorite tapas bars in Salamanca. We have also explained the tapas we’ve tried there and our personal experience with the people that work there. In our opinions, these are the best tapas bars in Salamanca. There aren’t very many we don’t recommend, except for one, “Chicos,” which we discuss a little bit below.

Anyway, here are some of the best tapas bars of Salamanca that we recommend:

1 <h4>Meson Las Faroles</h4>

Tapas hopping in SalamancaWe’ve written about this place several times. Meson Las Faroles is our all time favorite tapas bar in Salamanca. We always get the same thing, Brochette Moruno, aka Pincho Moruno. It’s a kebab or skewer on a toasted piece of brochette bread that is spread with cream cheese. We believe the meat is pork but we’re not really sure. Whatever they season this delicious meat with is just incredible.

We have tried Brochetta Moruno (pincho moruno) at another placed called Chicos (it’s next to Duetsche Bank) and it was twice the price and not worth the cost. It’s our second time trying Chicos and I think we are going to officially ban ourselves from going there. (This is a tangent now but..) For what we paid at Chicos, we could have gotten two pinchos each, delicious pinchos, and a caña each at Las Faroles. Waste of money.

Anyway, Meson Las Faroles is located along the famous Van Dyck street which known for having a stream of the best Salamanca tapas bars, making Van Dyck street ideal for tapas hopping.

Along with your option of a beer (una caña), Meson Las Faroles also has tinto de verano on tap (wine and sprite), which is another popular drink in Spain — in addition to the Sangria.

The waiters here are very friendly. Once Kyle and I had established a relationship with the waiters here, no matter how busy they were they were always welcoming to us. Even though we’ve never been able to speak very good Spanish to them. In 2011, we would go there every day and order the same thing, leave a euro tip and then go. We went back one day and I think they were sick of it because the minute we walked in, they charged at us with several new plates of tapas to try – it also included our usual order of our favorite tapa.

We’ve also tried a tapa there called brochette ruso. It was really good. They had a sauce on it that reminded me of A1. I like this tapa because the meat portion is big enough to nearly fill you up. Which is nice when you are scraping by and living off to appetizer portions.

Kyle also ordered this tapa that had cream cheese on the brochette with salmon wrapped around brie and covered in jam. He said it was really good. I’m glad that now we’ve found some new favorites to try and we won’t always order the same thing… but we still can’t leave that place without getting at least one brochette moruno.


2 <h4>Bambu</h4>


Bambu: Best tapas in Salamanca Spain

Bambu is notoriously picked as the best tapas place in Salamanca by several native Salamancans. It sits just right outside of the plaza mayor in Calle del Prior, down the stairs next to Burger King. All of the tapas that we’ve tried there have been very good. We like the big screen TV that sits on the back side of the wall. It’s usually playing music videos when we go in there but since it’s the year of the 2014 World Cup it’s been great eating tapas here and watching the game.

One caña for a euro which includes a free tapa! And the best tapas of Salamanca ever. We’ve tried their bacon costa tapa which is pizza-like, the bread was very good. Kyle got a brie tapa with jam on it which he liked. And Salmon with cream cheese on brochette is always a good bet for me. I want to try their mini hamburger tapas sometime. I stare at them every time wight he intent to try but get too nervous to ask and just point at the tapas in front of me.

One of the very first times that Kyle and I went to Bambu, we met a table of Portuguese guys that were in Salamanca on vacation for the weekend. I’m not really sure how, but we’ve been friends with them ever since.

Bambu also serves dinner as well. A good plate of raciones, a variety of different tapas. These raciones I need to try. They have one with amazing looking medium rare steak bites. This is my goal before I leave this town, to eat those rare steak bites.