Don Quijote Café

We’ve eaten at Don Quijote a few times. They have a good menu del dia. The nice thing about Don Quijote Café is that they have a spanish and english menu.

Like most menu del dias in Spain, you have a set price (taxes already included) and the meal includes two courses, bread, desserts and drinks. If you choose to order wine, you get a good size decanter, rather than a single glass. Don Quijotes menu del dis only costs 8.50euros if you eat there before 1:30, and after 1:30 it’s 9.70euros.

For the first course meal, Kyle and I have tried their Paella, which is probably one of the better paellas we’ve eaten in Salamanca. Kyle has also tried the sautéed mushrooms with cured ham, which was absolutely exquisite. I hate vegetables and those mushrooms seemed more like a meat than a mushroom. The way they seasoned that dish was really good.

For the second course, we’ve tried the pork chops with honey mustard, chicken breasts in raisin sauce and grilled veal steak. These were all pretty good. Although I keep disappointing myself ordering the veal steak in Spain. I order it forgetting it’s thin veal and forget that it’s not the “steak” i’m thinking of. Which would probably be listed as “bistec” on the menus. Still, it’s pretty good.

If you order the flan for dessert, it’s not the flan you’re used to seeing. The flan at Don Quijote is more of a pudding with cinnamon sprinkled on top. It’s still really delicious, you just have to anticipate that it’s quite different from the usual flan. This isn’t standard for flan in Spain by the way, we’ve usually seen flan served traditionally at other places.

Don Quijote Cafe, Salamanca, is located between the Palacio de Congresos and the Universidad Pontificia. You’ll see it near a bike rental shop.