Guide to drinking and eating cheap in Salamanca

Guide to drinking and eating cheap in Salamanca

Menu Del DiaThere are a few things about cheap eating and drinking in Spain. First look for the ‘Menu Del Día’ posted outside the restaurants. These usually include bread, two plates, desserts and a drink. Sometimes an order of wine comes with a full decanter, rather than just a single glass. The other nice thing about Spain, is that tax is already included in the price. 10€ altogether, tips are optional (but only a Euro or two).

In some regions of Spain, like in Salamanca, when you go out drinking at bars that also offer tapas, many of them offer a ‘tapa con caña’ or ‘pincho y caña’ deal. That is a beer (or wine) with a free appetizer of your choice. Every region in Spain offers different tapa options, many Salamanca bars offer a free drink with your first tapa. Definitely take advantage of this to help stretch your dollar even further over your Salamanca duration. Since you only get your first one free, it’s common to go tapas hopping in Salamanca. This is where you move from bar to bar ordering a pincho y caña and moving on to the next. This can total about 2 euros each stop.

It’s considered rude in Spain to leave dirty napkins or toothpicks on the table. In some tapas places, you see the floor near the bar littered with balled-up napkins. Don’t freak out, it’s totally normal.

Once we arrive in Salamanca, we can map out where our favorite tapas bars are that offer the best tapas con caña deals. For now we only have one in mind. It’s called Meson Los Faroles on Van Dyck street. Most of the good tapas bars are known to be on Van Dyck street. Meson Los Faroles has a tapa called ‘Brocheta de Moruno’ or sometimes called ‘Pincho Moruno’ that we were completely addicted to.

We also always go to 100Montaditos on Sundays, Mondays and/or Wednesdays. They have ‘everything for 1euro’ deals and two for one deals on Mondays. The beer mugs are much larger than the caña sizes at most other places too.

Drinking? You want to drink cheap. What about 6 shots for 3 euros? Yah that’s a real deal that I received a flyer for yesterday at La Chupiteria.