Mexican food in Salamanca

Mexican food in Salamanca

Originally we said we couldn’t find any Mexican restaurants or Mexican food in Salamanca. When we asked our Mexican roommate he didn’t know of any either. This 2014 trip we’ve found three different Mexican restaurants in Salamanca: Chidos, the Van Dyck Mexican Lounge and Pico De Gallo. We’ve only tried Chidos and Van Dyck Mexican lounge so far. Here are our thoughts…

Mexican food in Salamanca, Spain.

Guacamole at Chidos. Salamanca, Spain.


Kyle ordered the mole tacos and I ordered a chicken burrito. It was good. I forget that a lot of Mexican restaurants (at least in the US) like to use shredded chicken, and I’m not a fan of shredded chicken, so next time i’m going to get a beef burrito or the fajita burrito. We also ordered chips and guacamole. In itself this was a risky order because usually the guacamole that we’ve come across in Spain is fake and watered down, but here it was made out of real avocado and was so good. Kyle said that his mole tacos looked like they weren’t going to be much food but instead he really enjoyed how they tasted. It was so good to fill our Mexican food craving while living in Salamanca. We needed it. For a drink, we ordered a Negro Modelo. It was nice that Chidos had a lot of the traditional Mexican beers for us to order. Everything on the menu looked really good so we definitely have to come back to this place and try some more of their food. Chidos was located right outside the Plaza Mayor (attached to the Plaza Mayor) toward the exit of the Salamanca Central Market.




Mexican food, burritos at Van Dyck Salamanca

Van Dyck Mexican Lounge

If you haven’t seen their Twitter page, you should check it out. Their food photos are so good looking. It’s nearly only a delicious photo stream of their food. We finally got a chance to eat there and from what we’ve tried, their food was okay. I admit don’t base your decision to go or not to go on us, as this isn’t a fair chance because Kyle and I pretty much ordered nearly the same thing. The burritos. It hit the spot for Mexican food but personally I could have used a little more flavor. The burritos came with a picante salsa which was very mild and it helped add some of the mexican spice we were looking for. It is tailored to Spain flavor. I do give this place a ton of credit to their presentation. They had some of the most beautiful food presentation of any place i’ve ever eaten at. I would definitely still eat here again and try more of their food. And as I should have expected (it being on tapa’s Van Dyck street) their more of a tapas place than a restaurant, or a full course meal. I was still pretty full off of just three of the four burritos my meal came with. The people that worked there were also really, really friendly. If you order a drink, even bottled beer, they serve it to you in a nice frosted glass. This restaurant is located right at the start of Van Dyck street.

Next, we have to try Pico De Gallo but right now they are closed for the summer and will open up again in Septemeber.