2-week itinerary in south of Spain, plus Barcelona

2-week itinerary in south of Spain, plus Barcelona

Two Weeks in South Spain. Andalucia

We are leaving Salamanca to go spend two weeks in the south of Spain. Our flight flies out of Barcelona back to the states, so Barcelona is included in this itinerary. Kyle still works US hours so our visiting time is precious. We’ve been cognizant to reduce commute times to a minimal.

To accommodate for time, we are taking the bus straight to Madrid and traveling to south of Spain from there. This cuts travel time by several hours. Taking us from ten hours on bus to an hour & 45 on the bus and speed train.

Our plan is to spend one night in Cordoba, three nights in Granada, two nights in Malaga, five nights in Sevilla (with one day trip to Cadiz in between), then finish off with three nights in Barcelona.

This itinerary keeps us traveling off Kyle’s American work hours, without asking for time off and gets us to the most places, the fastest. We’ve heard that the south of Spain is supposed to be much cheaper than the northern region, we hope this holds true.

This blog post will continue to be updated as we progress through the itinerary until Oct 4.. 

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A note about pronunciation:

One thing we’ve heard a lot about Andalucia, namely Cordoba and Granada is that they do not pronounce the “S” in most of their words. “Gracias” becomes Gracia and “lo mismo” becomes “lo mimo,” which we’ve noticed so far. Seville on the either hand, we’ve heard pronounces the “S” as an esss sound versus the usual lisp of the north.


two-weeks in south Spain

One night in Cordoba was perfect. We stayed at a Hostel that was less than five minutes walking from the beautiful mosque in Cordoba. The hostel itself was a little dingy and the walls were thin, but for one-night it was fine. The beds are a lot more comfortable than what we’re used to.

The Cathedral is a mix of Roman, Moorish and Christian architecture and design. It’s 8 euros to see during the day and 11 to tour at night.


After we saw the mosque, we went to the city center to meet with the 10:30 free tour guide. He took the group through the city explaining the history and all the important sites. At the end of the tour, he explained to us recommended Cordoban food and drink. We tried it and loved it.

Flamenquin is pork loin wrapped around ham, coated in egg and flour and then deep fried.

Salmorejo: Pureed tomato, garlic, bread, oil and vinegar, garnished with ham. Salmorejo is Kyle’s favorite appetizer.

Fiftyfifty: (I personally didn’t like this, but Kyle did. I thought it was too sweet) Fiftyfifty is 50% white wine and 50% sweet wine.

Berenjas con miel: Soo delicious!! This was eggplant coated in flour, fried in beer and drizzled with honey. It’s not as sweet as it sounds but it was exquisite.

Aside from food, Kyle has found the women to be contrastly different from the women in the rest of Spain. He says they are beautiful in Cordoba.

3 Nights Granada

We’re staying at a hotel called Reino De Granada. The hotel hooked us up with everything. Strong wifi, towels, razors, shave cream, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shoe shine, body wash, hand soap… I didn’t even know there were that many kinds of mini-stuff. So cute. The beds are also really comfortable.

So far we’ve been wandering the city aimlessly. We weren’t able to get tickets to the Alhambra online due to an unknown charge error but we’ve heard you have to reserve the tickets pretty far in advance anyway. As we’ve wandered through the city, I have to say, I really do love the muslim influence of the Andalusian region of Spain. It’s gorgeous!

So far, we’ve eaten at a middle-eastern restaurant for a quick ‘to-go’ meal, for 7 euros we got two different pita sandwiches that were really delicious.

Today we saw the muslim baths near towards the Alhambra and a free museum along the path of the river — which I have no idea what it was called.

We still have two more days in the city of Granada, we’ll keep you posted…


This blog post will continue to be updated as we progress through the itinerary until Oct 4..