Seeing Zamora Spain

Seeing Zamora Spain

Kyle heard a lot about Zamora from his teacher so we went here for a day trip since traveling in August is so expensive. Honestly I don’t know a whole lot about this city.

It was about an hour bus ride from Salamanca to Zamora and we stayed in Zamora for about 5.5 hours. It was extremely hot – so we felt that five and a half hours of this city was plenty of time for walking around, snapping photos and having beers. When we arrived to the bus station it was rather unique looking going inside (we didn’t get a photo). It was painted mustard yellow throughout.

We went into the information room to see if we could get a tourist map and when we went into the information room, it looked more like an empty storage room. One couple was in there picking up their bike to leave. When the worker came around to us, we asked him for a map of the city and he said that we could get one from the Tourism Office. He pointed his hands behind himself and said, ‘No están lejos’ (it’s not far).

We walked outside of the building towards the direction to where his hands might have been pointing, and we walked far.

We ended up at the Plaza Mayor without a map and then continued walking until we found ourself at the Zamora castle. This was the first castle that i’d ever seen in my life so I was pretty excited to see it. Inside the Zamora castle Most of the inside has been knocked down but it was still really cool to look at. Kyle took some good photos of it, which you can see in the gallery below.

2pm was approaching, which meant that everything was going to shut down soon for Spanish siesta/lunch time. Before Kyle and I could see the very top level of the castle, everyone got booted out. The sign said that the castle was going to reopen for tourists at 10pm but we were leaving way before then. I guess we’ll have to go back to Zamora and see the top level of the castle at some point. At night it would be pretty cool to see too.

Kyle and I decided to head back towards the Plaza Mayor for food and drinks. Since no one accepts cards, we stopped at an ATM and of course happened to run into a buggy ATM that we thought jacked us of our money, but it didn’t, luckily. It just reset itself and never charged us.

When we finally ate, we were actually pretty impressed with the food in the plaza. It was well seasoned, which from our experience isn’t the case for most Spanish food. We were both very happy with our meal.

After eating, we walked around the city a little bit more and walked into some tourist shops to look for maps, no luck. So we just kept walking around the city some more until we ran into other monuments.

Salamanca day trip to ZamoraAt this point we wondered what the bus station guy’s definition of ‘not that far’ was, but we were finding our way around Zamora pretty well without a map.

Overall Zamora was a lot different than what I was expecting. I assumed it would look similar to Salamanca or Leon in general but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it had its own character and vibe to it. I was also happy to find that it had a decent amount of tourism sites and for how small the city was, it wasn’t as dead as Valladolid was. We found a ton of beautiful photo spots and nice opportunities for overlooking the land and the Roman bridge. There were also some pretty nice wall art that had 3-dimensional paintings of buildings on them, and a really pretty blue building. I liked the blue building just because it was bright, colorful and different.