La Coruña, Galicia is on the north-western coast of Spain. It has great food and a beautiful clear blue beach. It being a topless beach was a surprise for us, but for Gallegans it was strange that people wouldn’t go topless at a beach. How else do you tan evenly? Tanning was definitely a city addiction here, signified by the many ages of leathery skin but very kind people.


Coruña Hotels

View from our hotel in Coruna - sea view

View from our hotel room: Riazor Beach

Kyle and I stayed at a hotel called Hotel Cristal 2 which was okay. We mainly stayed there because of the ocean view from our room but the hotel itself was a little overpriced for being pretty basic and outdated. The staff was also unapproachable but their unapproachableness was kind of entertaining.

Good location though:

The complaints online about the hotel was about its distance from everything else in Coruña, but Kyle and I actually felt like it was really well located. It was perfectly set in between the Ascensor Monte San Pedro and the Interactive museum. The Aquarium was only about a ten minute walk from the hotel and we were right on the beach and the Coruña futbol stadium was right next to us. Good restaurants were also close by.

Our only complaint was the thin walls, the loud hammering noises and no working wifi. Mainly the wifi. Which would’ve been perfect if we were looking to unplug but it being September and Kyle’s big American Football draft, timing didn’t work out that well.

Coruña Sight Seeing

Riazor Stadium: The tickets to the futbol game were more expensive than we thought they were going to be, 90 euros a ticket but the stadium looked nice from what we saw. It was still pretty fun to hear the crowd’s cheers echo across the beach. Not sure if the team won or lost though, the crowd was eerily silent after the game, like there was no game at all. But no one looked sad, they still all looked pretty chipper. I guess that may be one difference for American sport goers – win or lose we’re loud after a game, talking about what plays could have been better, were missed, were close calls… IDK.

seal at aquarium in Coruna The Aquarium: The aquarium from up top looks kind of empty and abandoned but once we got to the bottom you can see the doors wide open. It was a good indicator that there would be less of a crowd inside and we could take our time looking. The aquarium was 10$ to get in and we spent nearly the whole day here. They also have a bunch of tables in one of the rooms for you to be able to picnic if you want.

ascensor coruna monte san pedro


Ascensor Monte San Pedro:
 This place was closed for the day when we happened to go see it. We’ve heard that if there’s one thing that you do in this city, you have to stop at this bubble elevator. Once you get to the top you get to overlook the entire city. The elevator is built so that you can still get every panoramic view possible as you rise to the top of the hill. Since it was closed, this kind of guarantees a retun to Coruña for us.

Interactive museum corunaThe Interactive Museum: Easy to spot as you walk along the beach – look towards the old city and soon you’ll see a short, stubby, pudgy herculian statue. That’s the interactive museum. The entrance is only 4 euros. It’s pretty small inside but it still has a lot to do. You can test your flexibility, your coordination skills, your endurance, your motor skills and learn all about the human body, the brain and fetuses.



Breasts: If it’s something you’re into and you don’t get into anything else in this city, you can always go to the beach and watch people sun bathe.


Food in Coruña

Tamarindo Mexican Restaurant: A Corona in Coruña. I had to eat here twice just to double confirm that I could officially say that this was the best Mexian food i’ve ever eaten in my life. The service was great and on top of that, they give all of their customers a free shot at the end of their meal. I forget what the waiter said the shot was but it was creamy, chocolate milk colored and had rum in it.

We tried their pisco sour, mai tai, chicken mole, ceviche, shrimp tacos (which had this orange sauce on it that Kyle really liked), taquitos, everything was incredible. Nice presentation too.

We also ate at the Indian restaurant across the street. This was my first time trying Indian food and it was spectacular. The traditional Nan bread was soft, fresh and homemade. It was so good with the rice and the chicken tika. We ate at a Chinese restaurant and at the Italian restaurant by our hotel. There we tried risotto, which was more like a sea food paella, but very very good. Kyle’s favorite meal of Coruña was probably the Hake that we found at one of the tapas bars, which was part of the menu del dia. Very, very good. It was recommended to us by the extremely kind waiter and the guy sitting at the bar that kept giving it the thumbs up.